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How the Deck is Stacked Against Tenants

One of the more frustrating aspects pro-tenant work is recognizing how the deck is stacked against those who rent. There are many provisions in the law to keep the tenant in line. Keep a pet or live with an unapproved partner or roommate? The 3-day notice may come. A few days late (or a dollar short) on the rent? Sudden death for the tenancy. Yet the rules are much more lax for landlords, and the bad apples among them withhold repairs, enter the unit unlawfully, and even retaliate. Holding them to account is the tenant’s challenge because often the city won’t. Read More How the Deck is Stacked Against Tenants

Relocation Fees Rise by 4.1%

City of Beverly Hills announced that relocation fees will incrementally rise come July according to the percentage change in consumer prices for our region: a 4.1% increase. While this small bump-up is intended to allow the relocation fees to keep pace with rising rents, tenants will actually lose ground because even with the hike the fees lose ground relative to the cost of rental housing. Read More Relocation Fees Rise by 4.1%

Unpaid Relocation Fees: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

“Justice delayed is justice denied.” We all know this well-worn aphorism. It means that a remedy for an injustice should be delivered in a timely manner or otherwise it stands as no remedy at all. (Read more about the history of the phrase and a follow-up deeper-dive.) The aphorism comes to mind whenever I hear that the required relocation fee is unpaid at the time the tenant vacates the apartment. The fee is intended to assist a displaced tenant with securing replacement housing and starting again in a new apartment. But when payment is late, perhaps months late, the law, and our city, has failed that tenant. That’s why I say a relocation delayed is truly an instance where justice is denied. Read More Unpaid Relocation Fees: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied