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Wilshire-Rodeo Station Construction: Where is the Mitigation for Tenants?

Wilshire-Rodeo station location mapDo you live in near the future Metro station at Wilshire and Reeves? If so you are likely to experience construction-related disruption from the project. But If you rent housing near the future Purple Line station, your problems are only beginning. Households near the station are quite likely to be displaced over the coming years, so I’ve asked City of Beverly Hills to consider strong-arming Metro for compensation. Read on! Read More Wilshire-Rodeo Station Construction: Where is the Mitigation for Tenants?

No-Just-Cause Eviction: A Primer

I regularly speak with tenants who are not aware that the landlord can end a month-to-month tenancy for any reason or no reason at all. If no local ordinance prohibits it, and Beverly Hills has no such prohibition, the landlord’s good will is all that stands between the home we’ve made and the stomach-churning search for post-eviction replacement housing. Have you thought about what happens next after receiving such a notice? Here’s a primer on no-just-cause eviction: what it is, what to expect, and what you can do. Read More No-Just-Cause Eviction: A Primer

State Rent Stabilization Laws Need Reform!

You might have heard this campaign slogan coined in New York about ten years ago: “The rent is too damn high.” Around that slogan a titular leader emerged and a new political party was formed: The Rent Is Too Damn High Party. It has run candidates for both Mayor and Governor, but it hasn’t scored a win at the ballot box (yet). Well, the rent is too damned high here, too, and so that’s a message that resonates in Beverly Hills – a city of restive tenants bracing for the 60-day notice and otherwise concerned that our allowable increase may creep back up towards the old 10%. Read More State Rent Stabilization Laws Need Reform!