Are You a ‘Disruptive’ Tenant? A Hearing Officer Could Decide Your Fate!

Dear tenant troublemakers: Did you know that the Beverly Hills rent stabilization ordinance allows your landlord to haul you up before a city council committee as a ‘disruptive tenant’? And if adjudicated as disruptive you could face eviction? Three tenants faced the process but none turfed-out by our council’s committee. Had an independent hearing officer heard those cases any could have been decided differently. Now city council wants to put a hearing officer in charge. The change is up for discussion on the June 18th council afternoon agenda.

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My Beverly Hills City Council 2024 Election Endorsements

The polls close on March 5th and that means those who have not already voted have less than two weeks to mark our ballots. And arguably the most consequential contest on this primary ballot is our municipal election. Ten candidates are running for Beverly Hills city council. It can be a challenge to make an informed choice so I want to offer my personal endorsements.

Frequently I am asked for my opinion because I am active in the city on the subject of tenants’ rights. Here I reluctantly offer my own personal endorsements because I know that we want our concerns are represented in city hall and it can be difficult to decide for whom to vote.

It matters. Do you feel that you are the last to know when construction is going to disrupt your day? Are you worried about car break-ins because you feel like our alleys are not sufficiently patrolled? These are concerns that are unique to tenants. We need city hall to hear them. And we need new councilmembers who will talk about them.

I feel that two candidates are the best all-around choices for city council: Craig Corman and Alissa Roston. Now, they may not necessarily be the most ardent tenants’ rights champions so I want to share my reasons for choosing them. Read on to learn why I support them for city council in 2024.

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