Tenants Committee Positions (2017)

Dialogue #1

A tenants committee was formed at the suggestion of facilitator Sukhsimranjit Singh during the summer 2017 dialogues and committee representatives were chosen by your neighbors at dialogue #4. Read more about the committee in our press release.

Our tenants committee reached a number of policy positions that we presented in the first round of dialogues. These position informed the facilitator’s report to the city (read the executive summary) and they guided us in our current thinking as tenants entered the second round of facilitated dialogues in summer 2018.

Dialogue Round 2

Tenants more fully developed our current policy positions after reflecting upon the series of memos developed by city consultant HR&A Advisors (and posted to our dedicated HR&A page). Again, please visit our current policy positions webpage for our revised positions.

Need more information about RSO policies? Look over our RSO information webpage to learn about the process that brought us here. And consult city documents such as the Chapter 5 FAQ and Chapter 5 of the municipal code for more details about those tenancies. Chapter 6 tenants can review the city’s Chapter 6 FAQ document and consult Chapter 6 of the municipal code. Chapter 6 provisions affect the great majority of tenants in Beverly Hills (upwards of 95%).

Reminder: Single-family homes and condominium rental are generally not covered by the city’s rent stabilization law. Tenants in such rental will find lesser protections under state law. Because they are categorically exempted from rent stabilization in Beverly Hills, our city’s RSO office will not be much help (unfortunately).