HR&A Advisors presentation to City Council August 7, 2018

City consultant HR&A released a set of issue papers that will inform this fall’s rent stabilization discussion. This is the full HR&A presentation to City Council. The presentation video is followed by each issue paper presented in the video with the corresponding topic excerpt immediately after.

HR&A Advisors memo on exemptions from rent stabilization

HR&A Advisors memo on rent-banking

HR&A Advisors memo on the city’s ‘rent adjustment’ process

HR&A Advisors memo on no-just-cause eviction (the city allows it)

HR&A Advisors memo on relocation fees

HR&A Advisors memo on the state’s Ellis Act and how it may apply in Beverly Hills

HR&A Advisors memo on the maximum annual rent increase

And finally the city’s own memo concerning habitability and a potential inspection program.

City of Beverly Hills Habitability memorandum

Here is the City Council portion of the discussion (only). For the entire City Council agenda presentation – including public comments – please follow this video link.