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Residents who rent housing in Beverly Hills have no professional association to represent our interests and no professional lobbyist to work on our behalf. We must be our own best advocates. And we must stick together. So we want to hear from you about a problem with the landlord or an experience with the rent stabilization office. Get in touch!

About Renters Alliance

Renters Alliance was organized by tenant and resident Mark Elliot in January of 2017 to provide a voice in City Hall for those who rent housing in Beverly Hills. Alliance supporters have been actively engaged in the rent stabilization policy process and helped to secure key tenant protections such as a reduced cap on the maximum allowed annual rent increase; a relocation fee for any household that is involuntary terminated; and most crucially, we put the nail in the no-just-cause eviction coffin after thirty years of abuse.

These accomplishments build on the work of Concern for Tenants Rights, an advocacy organization formed three decades ago by longtime resident Herm Schultz. Together we have come a long way since then!

Looking ahead, Renters Alliance will continue to demand laws and policies to protect those who rent housing in Beverly Hills. Among our priorities are locking-down a final rent stabilization ordinance to keep the tenant protections we have today; and ensuring that the rental housing that serves households at every income level is maintained and preserved. Our collective voice will be heard whenever City Hall considers an issue that would affect us.

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Our privacy policy: your communication is strictly between you and the Alliance. We are not affiliated with the city or any landlord.