Get in Touch With the Renters Alliance

Residents who rent in Beverly Hills have no lobbyist who walks the hallways of City Hall. No professional association keeps tenants informed about policies that affect our lives. No paid spokesperson addresses City Council on our behalf. We neighbors have to look out for each other.

Renters Alliance wants to stay in touch with you. You can sign up for the occasional emails for news about rent stabilization and helpful tenant tips that you won’t find on the website.

Renters Alliance needs to hear from you. Contact us about problems with your landlord, your experience with City Hall, or a specific problem if you think we can help. Reach the Alliance by email using the form below or call (310) 271-3702. We need to know about no-just-cause evictions, harassment and other unscrupulous practices.

The Alliance welcomes your outreach to City Council. They need to know your concerns as a resident who rents. The five Councilmembers represent all areas of the city and you can reach the entire Council by email or call (310) 285-1013 to leave word for an individual councilmember.

Our privacy policy: your communication is strictly between you and the Alliance. We are not affiliated with the city or any landlord.