RSO Commission Special Meeting: Moratorium and Relocation Fees

The Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Commission will hold a special meeting on Monday, September 13 at 6 pm to discuss COVID–19 moratoriums on no-fault eviction and rent increases as well as potential amendments to the rent stabilization ordinance concerning relocation fees. It is a special meeting because the last regular meeting was cancelled. And it is carryover business because both issues have already been discussed but not resolved.

Moratorium Protections

In August the Rent Stabilization Commission agreed to recommend to City Council that Beverly Hills end our moratorium on eviction for nonpayment as soon as September 30th. The idea was to tie our moratorium to the state moratorium (which has been extended already and may be yet again) and essentially get Beverly Hills out of the moratorium business. Read our recap: RSO Commission Recommends Moratorium on Eviction for Nonpayment to End.

At the upcoming September 13th meeting the commission will consider amendments concerning the other two pillars of the COVID–19 moratorium: no-fault evictions and rent increases. Ending the moratorium on no-fault evictions will restart the clock on households that were notified of a pending lawful eviction but which were paused during the pandemic. Households who would have been notified but for the pandemic will likely be notified as soon as that moratorium ends. That makes for high stakes for some unknown number of households.

The moratorium on rent increases affects every rent-stabilized household. We’ve had quite a bit to say about it already — and so has the commission which appears to be leaning toward recommending that rent increases be allowed to resume.

Looking ahead to the (cancelled) September meeting we had recapped both issues in a post, RSO Commission to Discuss Modifications to COVID Emergency Order. That post remains relevant except for the meeting date, which was moved to September 13th from September 1st. Likewise the city staff report is unchanged.

Relocation Fee Amounts

The other item on the agenda is possible amendments to the rent stabilization ordinance concerning relocation fees. This is also continued business, and how! On September 13th it comes back to the commission for the FIFTH time. When the commission last discussed it, in December, a majority of commissioners leaned towards recommending a simplified fee formula that (as it happens) would provide substantially less relocation fee to evicted tenants than does the current fee schedule.

We looked ahead to the commission’s (cancelled) September discussion in our post, Relocation Fees Come BACK to RSO Commission. Again that post is still current except for the change in meeting date. Likewise the city staff report is essentially unchanged too.

Have Your Say

Again these issues will be discussed by the Rent Stabilization Commission at a special meeting on September 13th at 6 pm. The agenda shows relocation fees is item #1 and the moratorium on no-fault eviction and rent increases is item #2.

Want to comment? Send an email prior to the meeting to and note the specific agenda item by number in the subject line. Or call 310–285–1020 as the item is introduced and tell the receptionist which item you are calling about.

Public comment allows each speaker 3 minutes or about 300 words in an email. No, it’s not a lot of opportunity to shape the commission discussion. But at least the city can say you had your say. Thereafter the commission’s recommendation(s) go on to City Council for action at some undetermined time.

It may be helpful to review our posts or refer to the staff reports linked to the agenda. But be warned: there’s a lot of chaff to sift through in those staff reports just to get to the wheat. We recommend that you brew a strong cup of caffeinated coffee and chase it with a mild stimulant!