Renters Alliance Endorses Lili Bosse

Vote by mail ballots for the March 3rd city council election became available this week so it seems like a good time to announce our endorsement. Renters Alliance enthusiastically supports incumbent Lili Bosse for Beverly Hills city council. She has served our city well as planning and traffic commissioner and now, after two terms on city council, she has earned our support. Residents who rent housing in particular will know that Bosse has been there when we needed her. We feel that in this election there is simply no better choice than Lili Bosse, who recognizes the value, and the concerns, of those who rent in our city.

Lili Bosse earns our support even aside from tenant concerns. She understands the key issues facing our city — arguably housing, development and mobility — because she’s served on both the planning and traffic & parking commissions. Indeed she consistently demonstrates command and comfort when it comes to reviewing and discussing environmental impact reports and traffic studies alike.

And she brings a passion to the job that is second to no one. As mayor she distinguished herself with Monday morning walks from the steps of city hall. It was a signature Bosse initiative: enjoy an opportunity to informally chat up the mayor as long as you kept up the pace. Beverly Hills ‘Healthy City’ was and is her animating mission.

Time and again she has demonstrated commitment to the unpaid work of governing Bevery Hills. (Councilmembers are rewarded with only a modest stipend.) She readily hands out her phone number to stakeholders with an invitation to call. She tasks the city manager with fixing the problem. She gets it done because she cares. “Beverly Hills is me, and I am you,” she said at a recent candidate forum. It was not only the quote of the evening it rang resolutely true in our experience.

Small businesses have enjoyed unparalleled support from Bosse. As mayor she would descend on a small shop with a hundred new potential customers — a flash mob that could lift the profile of that business in a way that no advertisement could. At the same time, Bosse reminds big business and real estate developers that they can stand in line behind residents to be heard. “This city is not for sale,” she announced recently.

Even on a city council more attuned to residents than any council in recent memory, Bosse stands out for her personal connection with residents and other stakeholders. Nobody goes without a fair and thorough hearing in council chambers.

On substance, too, we can find much to agree with. Bosse has defended of our city’s general plan and the development restrictions therein that help to maintain the low-rise character of Beverly Hills. Bosse dispensed with naysayers to secure the city’s first dog park. She brokered a compromise with neighbors to build a top-class community center at Roxbury Park.

Bosse has been a leader on transparency in local government and indeed has never turned away any proposal that would make city hall more accountable to the public. The city’s ‘Sunshine Task Force’ has never been as effective as when councilmembers Bosse and Mirisch are at the helm.

Looking ahead, Bosse is leading an all-hands effort at city hall to ensure that Beverly Hills is prepared to respond to any emergency situation or disaster. She will be a key vote to make our streets ‘complete’ and safe for all travelers regardless of mode. Perhaps most important to those who rent housing, Lili Bosse is the representative we need on city council to preserve the rent stabilization protections we enjoy today.

We in Beverly Hills are fortunate to have three thoughtful and experienced contenders for the two available city council seats in the March 3rd municipal election. And there are excellent reasons to vote for all of them. But from our perspective as tenants and residents it isn’t a difficult decision. Returning Lili Bosse to city council for another term is a no-brainer.