No-Cause Evicted After 29 Years at 458 South Roxbury

This is what remained today after resident David Berke cleared out of his place at 458 South Robxury Drive. After 29 years here the family’s final pack-up culminated in a harried garage sale and an uprooted garden. David’s priority now is simply to stay housed so his two kids can finish high school. The family’s final exit from Beverly Hills can’t come too soon for him.

His landlord, Stephen Copen, served David and his his two sons with a no-just-cause eviction notice 60 days ago. Last year Copen threw out David’s longtime upstairs neighbor for no cause too after 30 years in her apartment.

These evictions came a year or so after Copen bought this handsome building, adding it to at least six other properties owns with his wife, Naghmeh Makhani, in Beverly Hills. Copen comes from a family of longtime rental property owners. But Copen and his family don’t even call our town home anymore. They live in Pacific Palisades.

Stewing Over Rent Contol

Copen’s latest eviction put me in mind of a remark he made to City Council exactly a year ago. There had been some changes to the rent stabilization law and Copen wasn’t happy. “You haven’t discussed whether people living in a two bedroom apartment across from Roxbury park with a view of the clubhouse should maybe economize,” he told councilmembers. He went on to grouse some more about how he “subsidizes” his tenants. Watch the video.

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Update: After 29-year tenant David Berke out, Copen moved in a tenant for the briefest of tenures and then moved that tenant out and raised the rent to market for the next couple. That’s what he is reported to have done after kicking-out David’s 30-year upstairs neighbor too.