The Courier Got it Wrong!

When the Courier endorsed Nancy Krasne for City Council last month, we observed it was a curious move to make. There were seven candidates for three seats but the paper only endorsed Krasne. And some of the reasons were a stretch, we thought. But it was strategic: she was the paper’s candidate so why send voters to another candidate in the at-large election? Krasne didn’t place, though, so the Courier got it wrong. Again.

The Courier really takes a beating when it comes to endorsements. They got it wrong with the Krasne endorsement in March 2017. She was probably the best-known candidate but lost by 18 votes to a little-known challenger.

And the Courier also got the Hilton measure (HH) wrong too. The Hilton wanted to build a big condo tower after spurning the city’s regular development process, so backers took it directly to the voters. The initiative divided the town, made lobbyists of former officials and split some friends into opposing camps.

Nevertheless the Courier got behind the heavy-spending ad-buyer Hilton and endorsed Measure HH. But to no success: voters slapped the Hilton with a ten percentage point defeat — an unheard-of margin for a hotly contested land use measure in Beverly Hills! Despite the Hilton’s $7 million buy-a-vote campaign, plus the Courier’s drumbeat of biased and slanted reportage, the measure still went down to defeat.

(The last Hilton initiative, Measure H, prevailed at the ballot box in 2008 in what some still call a rigged election. It passed by less than a percentage point!)

What Else Did the Courier Get Wrong?

If the Courier flubbed these two local endorsements, what did it get wrong in the prior November presidential election?

We cross-referenced the Courier’s endorsements (below, from the October 2016 issue) with the November poll results and found that nearly every candidate and ballot measure that the Courier backed in November went down to defeat!

The candidates and measures that the Courier editorialized against prevailed! These results from November elections show just how disconnected is the Courier’s executive suite from the concerns of residents in Beverly Hills.

Courier Endorsements 2016 scorecard

With a track record like the Courier’s we actually welcomed its endorsement of Nancy Krasne last month. That meant a better-than-expected showing for every other candidate probably. And that happened. It seems like the Courier’s endorsement was the kiss of death for Nancy Krasne.