Our rent was upped 10% AGAIN this year

My household just received our second consecutive annual near-10% increase and we’re mad as hell. We’ve had years of steady increases and now we are paying double what we did at move-in. Why? Because the rent stabilization ordinance does not actually stabilize rents in Beverly Hills. Instead it allows landlords a 10% annual increase, which is tantamount to a slow-motion eviction. We need better protections for tenants!

Unlike Santa Monica, West Hollywood or Los Angeles, tenants in Beverly Hills can be increased at a maximum of 10% each year and every year. We can be shown the door unceremoniously with just 60 days notice and for no reason at all. And we leave empty-handed because Chapter 6 tenants in Beverly Hills get NO relocation compensation. That holds for seniors, low income, and disabled residents alike: no relocation fee.

In West Hollywood and Santa Monica a tenant can’t be told to go for no reason. And if the law allows the involuntary termination then the tenant departs with $10K for a one-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood — double it if you’re low-income — and $20K for a two-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica. Yes – TWENTY THOUSAND BUCKS.

Here in Beverly Hills only a few, longest-tenure Chapter 5 households are entitled to any payment at all and it is just a couple of thousand bucks.

TOMORROW at 7pm Beverly Hills City Council will revisit our toothless rental ordinance and probably make some significant changes. How may it affect you? Read on!

Proposed Changes

After more than a year of go-slow review, our Human Relations Commission recommended some changes to Council:

  • Create a database of multifamily units and a companion ‘rental registry’ to track rent increases, tenant complaints and unit conditions;
  • Provide a relocation fee to ALL tenants who are displaced through a ’no-cause’ termination action; and,
  • Reduce the 10% allowed annual rent increases to something more reasonable.

Read all about in the staff report. The meeting agenda is loaded with linked documents. TOMORROW NIGHT at 7pm our City Council will discuss these reforms. We don’t have to be experts in rent control to know that reasonable rent stabilization policies are the key to residential stability for renters.

What Can We Do? Talk at the mic for a minute or two about your experiences and what you want out of this once-a-generation reform? Council meets in City Hall at 455 N. Rexford Drive 2nd floor (easy parking behind the library).

Take a minute RIGHT NOW to comment to City Council by email? Send your comments to mayorandcitycouncil@beverlyhills.org (feel free to copy the Alliance at beverlyhillsrentersalliance@gmail.com). It doesn’t have to be scholarly or erudite. Earnest will do. Even if yours is not a ‘bad apple’ property owner/manager, your experience is important to our elected officials.

Our landlords will be there – organized and ready to plead hardship. Their association lobbyists will be there too (and likely they have already contacted each councilmember). We don’t have a paid lobbyist. All we have is….

The Beverly Hills Renters’ Alliance

Who are we? Just a few neighbors who are tired of 10% increases. This is grassroots action. In fact, it doesn’t get any more grassroots: we nabbed our email address just a few minutes ago and gave a name to our organization just a few minutes before that. Renters vote. Together we account for a lot of votes. And we can make a difference.