City Council meets TONIGHT at 7pm.

City Council meets TONIGHT at 7pm and we need your calls, emails and in-person comments. If you care about residential stability for tenants please join us! We expect City Council to OK a registry of rental units, a necessary foundation for a rent stabilization program. All are critical to the success of a reformed rent stabilization program for Beverly Hills. 

Tonight we need to focus on these three issues:

  • Ending no-cause termination that allows your landlord to toss you out for any reason or no reason at all;
  • Mandating a SUBSTANTIAL relocation fee (whether we change the no-cause clause) that will act as a disincentive to terminate tenancy; and,
  • Lowering the currently-allowed 10% maximum increase (which compounds!) and adopting a reasonable maximum increase that is indexed to consumer costs.

On the last point, we don’t want to see carve outs of certain tenants. We will hear landlords, staff and councilmembers talk about seniors or disabled or whomever. Those people deserve protection, but so do all renters. A carve-out for a certain class of tenant means no protection for the rest of us.

We’ve been asked, How can I comment without jeopardizing my tenancy? Good question; this is why renters need protection from no-cause termination. You can:

  • Call city council at (310) 285-1013 with your comment and ask that your name not be attached to it;
  • Email City Council and exclude whatever information you feel need be kept private;
  • Access the city’s Ask Bev system to contact City Council anonymously (no need to create an account); and,
  • Show up to City Council TONIGHT: fill out a speaker card with your first name only, and ask to speak without fully identifying yourself. (They city knows that we are reluctant to come forward.)

And last, let us know if you’ve recently received a 10% increase. We did, and we’ve heard that landlords might want to raise rents before any new policy takes effect. Definitely let us know if you’ve just been told to leave.

Renters vote. Together we account for a lot of votes. And we can make a difference.

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