Newsflash: Beverly Hills City Council followed up on the October 18th urgency ordinance that prohibited no-just-cause terminations with a succeeding pair of final ordinances that amended the municipal code to make it official. However as part of that policy, Council identified a new reason for which a landlord can terminate a tenancy and created a new process by which terminations can be adjudicated in City Hall (as opposed to superior court).
Under the new policy, a tenant can be evicted for-cause after repeated instances of ‘disruptive’ behavior (such as disturbing the neighbor’s quiet enjoyment or displays of antagonism, intimidation or bullying). The landlord can now bring forward an application for termination without going to court should the disruptive behavior continue after the tenant is formally notified.
We have serious questions about the practical application of this lower standard for eviction (without fees) and how the new process will coexist with the landlord’s continued access to the courts as an alternative. To the credit of our councilmembers, there was a detailed discussion about the implications. Nevertheless the proposed policy and new termination process was formally adopted and will now be part of the rent stabilization ordinance in addition to any changes made by Council after the next rent stabilization study session on November 20th. Stay tuned for more detail on the new policy and the upcoming study session.